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Identifying tomorrow's social impact leaders

What makes a changemaker? What innate traits and lived experiences prepare and motivate social innovators? This branch of our research seeks to develop evidence-based tools to identify individuals with high potential to serve as catalysts in processes of social change.

Equipping and supporting social entrepreneurs

What forms of enterprise education, training, and support enable social entrepreneurs to take their ventures to the next stage? We seek to explore best practices for incorporating social enterprise into school and university studies, as well as for developing tailored training programs.

Assessing the sector's impact

How are social enterprises transforming lives? Where do they have their greatest impact? Our research in this area seeks to map the work of social enterprises in India onto broader frameworks for inclusive development such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Entrepreneur Personality

Investigating the Social Entrepreneur Personality

This research aims to increase our understanding of personality traits of successful social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneur Personality

Is there a social entrepreneur personality?

Social entrepreneurs help build a world we want to to live in. What is unique about their personality? Help us figure it out.

Women Empowerment Through Social Enterprise

Empowering Women Through Social Enterprise

This research looks at mutually reinforcing linkage between women’s empowerment and social enterprise across five countries: the UK, the United States, Brazil, India, and Pakistan.

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