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JSiE offers guidance and resources to early-stage startup entrepreneurs. JSiE has dedicated programs for students of OP Jindal Global University and selected entrepreneurs from the Tibetan community in India. Our programs focus on helping entrepreneurs develop a clear and unique business model. We aim to support inclusive growth and development across India through entrepreneurship training.

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Tibetan Entrepreneur Development

JSiE has hosted three incubation cycles as an incubation partner to the Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development initiative program.

Students and faculty from across the schools of the O.P. Jindal Global University lend their expertise in the areas of business model development, marketing, product management, digital media, and legal services. JSiE prepares the entrepreneurs to meet with prospective investors by helping them develop a clear business model and communicate that model through a pitching presentation. Alumni of the program have founded enterprises ranging from a Tibetan clothing line to an IT services company, many with the aim of supporting the Tibetan community in India through employment opportunities, skill development, and cultural preservation and promotion.

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Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development

Startup Academy by JSiE at O.P. Jindal Global University

FoodRocket - Anish Krishnan

FoodRocket - Anish Krishnan

How a second year law student started a food delivery service in 6 days.

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