Strengthen the capacity for social innovation in North India

The Jindal Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship (JSiE) at O.P. Jindal Global University aims to be a premier global social impact centre. JSiE works to strengthen the capacity for social innovation in North India and joins a global network of actors working to enable higher education institutions, their students, faculty, and alumni to address the 21st century’s most pressing challenges. By building bridges between socially responsible leaders around the world for innovative teaching, startup incubation, and social impact research, JSiE aims to spur more inclusive economic growth and development in India and globally.


We develop learning tools that enable leaders to take action on market-based approaches to social impact and experiment with social innovation ideas.


We design social innovation challenges and provide startup incubation services to support a rising generation of entrepreneurs in India.


We engage in research that contributes to the social impact ecosystem. Our aim is to bring together academics and practitioners in order to disseminate this knowledge globally.

Our focus

Building Social Innovation Capacity

Achieving positive and sustainable change for communities and society requires us all to think differently. Social Innovation is about innovating for society. To realize its potential, we need rigour and clarity in the field of social innovation. According to the Social Innovation Index 2016 constructed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the four pillars of social innovation capacity are: Institutional and policy framework, availability of financing, level of entrepreneurship, and depth of civil society networks.

Research for the Social Impact Ecosystem

In addition to measuring economic growth and GDP, we need robust systems to measure social impact and wellbeing. Social impact should be structured as an academic discipline and generate actionable insights for practitioners. Our research examines the spectrum of factors, from the individual entrepreneur to the broader ecosystem, that enable social entrepreneurship and innovation to flourish. We seek to develop holistic strategies and recommendations for fostering social innovation in North India.

India-Global Shared Value Partnerships

India's growing political and economic influence in the 21st century will have a profound impact globally. There is no global challenge for which an understanding of the Indian perspective will not only deepen one’s knowledge but also provide a window into the solution. Our focus is global, and our aim is to partner globally for a two-way sharing of best practices in everything we do.

Open Innovation for Sustainable Development

As the global economy enters a fourth industrial revolution, it’s time to redefine capitalism in the 21st century. The future demands more models of open innovation and inclusive economic growth. The Sustainable Development Goals are a positive step. We believe increased levels of social innovation and entrepreneurship will bring us closer toward their achievement.

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Our Team

Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade

Founding Director
Isabel Salovaara

Isabel Saloavaara

Assistant Director
R Sudarshan

R Sudarshan

Faculty Chair
Mukul Kumar

Mukul Kumar

Senior Advisor
Mishaal Nathani
Mishaal Nathani
Research Assistant
Anish Krishnan
Anish Krishnan
Research Assistant
Shine Varghese
Shine Varghese
Research Assistant
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